Gary L Williams Real Estate Consulting, Inc. specializes in Tenant Representation in Regional Shopping Centers and Lifestyle Centers on a National Level.

The team at GLW gives each client personal attention and service. Our goal is to make your life simple on the site selection and term negotiation process. We work hand-in- hand with you during the selection process which allows you to concentrate on the areas that make your business successful.

The most important part of our job is to work as a team with our clients and their business plans. It is very important for us at GLW to have an understanding of our tenants’ operations, funding, and most importantly the locations in shopping centers that best fit their demographics and target their core customers.

The competent team at GLW is an integral part of the equation and we are readily available to our clients. It is imperative when making site selections that we make meaningful, cost effective choices that meet our clients’ long and short term goals.